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How to deal with wisdom tooth pain

Inflammation of the gum around an impacted wisdom tooth is called pericoronitis. It usually presents with pain, redness and swelling. There will often be a bad taste from the area. Sometimes you may experience a sore throat or tightness when swallowing. The pain may radiate up and down the face and back to the ear. The opposing tooth may begin to bite on the swollen gum causing even more swelling and difficulty eating. Very occasionally you may become a bit ill generally and feverish. ...
Dental Care
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what is gum disease? What does gum disease look like?

First and foremost gum disease is an infection. Bacteria live in tartar also known as calculus which is the hard chalky material that can become stuck around your teeth. This is mostly made up of old food that has stayed in sheltered areas and hardened. Some of the tartar will be present above the gum line and yet more will cling below the gum. Once tartar is established it is impossible to remove at home....