Composite Bonding

Aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth

Composite Bonding

Bonding consists in the application of composite resin on dental surfaces to repair decayed, chipped or misaligned teeth. Composite resin has the advantage of being aesthetic, reasonably priced and very mouldable.. It is shaped and polished according to the characteristics of the surrounding teeth.

This technique allows reconstructing parts of teeth or entire teeth in the aesthetic sector of the smile to change its shape, colour and size according to preliminary aesthetic design. Usually, a session is enough to complete the treatment.

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What is composite bonding used for?

Often bonding is carried out for aesthetic reasons to improve the appearance of bleached or chipped teeth.

It is a technique that aims to modify and enhance the silhouette and shape of the teeth visible in the smile with the use of photopolymerizable aesthetic composite materials, thanks to which the difference with the natural tooth is almost unnoticeable.

Sometimes bonding is an alternative to amalgam fillings or is used to protect part of a tooth root that has remained uncovered due to gingival recession. It is a technique also used to close the interdental spaces, make the teeth look longer or change their shape and colour.

Bonding can also be used to transform abnormal tooth shape into anatomically correct forms or to close gaps between the teeth. Dental bonding is usually associated with dental remodelling through which small shape abnormalities can be corrected.

After a preliminary study and smile analysis, it is possible to improve it entirely with immediate results and with a modest economic investment.

Our dentist will use a colour scale to select the colour of the composite resin that is closest to the natural teeth. After that, our professional will prepare the tooth for the treatment making the surface slightly rough and apply a treating liquid to promote the adhesion of the material. This phase will be followed by the application of the resin and the shaping of the tooth to obtain the correct shape, ensuring that it is well polished. The resin is then hardened with ultraviolet light.

Finally, the dentist will proceed with further shaping of the tooth, polishing the material to allow it to assume the same brightness as the rest of the dental surface.

The treatment takes about 60 minutes. Bonding does not need preparation. Usually, no anaesthesia is required, except in the case where a filling is needed to treat tooth decay.

In the days following a bonding procedure, contact your dentist if you notice sharp edges on the treated tooth or if you feel strange sensations or feel that the tooth is not in its correct position while biting something.

  • Restricting the consumption of certain beverages. Tea, coffee, red wine and other substances may stain the resin used.
  • Follow good oral hygiene habits is essential to preserve the appearance of the treated tooth; it is essential to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.
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The dental aesthetic bonding is a non-invasive solution to improve the smile but has a shorter duration than other types of rehabilitation with veneers or crowns. Heavily staining foods should be avoided as should damaging habits like nail-biting. Nighttime grinding and clenching should be diagnosed and treated. Under good conditions otherwise composite bonding should be durable and beautiful.

Bonding is one of the most natural and least expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Unlike veneers, which are made in the laboratory and require a particular dental mould for a correct application, bonding can be carried out in a single dental examination.

The treatment is conservative, economical, minimally invasive and in many cases reversible in the sense that the tooth is not milled or reduced so it can be restored to its original condition at any time.

The composite resin used in bonding does not have the same solidity as a natural tooth. Biting hard materials can chip the material used in the bonding. The material lasts for a few years before needing restoration. The period will depend on the extent of the treatment and your oral hygiene habits.

Tooth whitening€300
Crowns (dependant on type)from €700
Porcelain veneers from €700
Dental Bridges€700 per unit
Inlays & Onlaysfrom €500
Dentures - Partial acrylic (plastic)€550 - €650
Dentures - Partial cobalt (metal base) €1400
Dentures - Full upper€550
Dentures - Full upper and lower€1200
Dental Implants - Crown €1200 (+specialist fee for surgical treatment)

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    Just finished my one year invisalign journey with Micheal and his team. After he spent a whole hour for free with me explaining invisalign and was really reasonably priced, I knew I would go with him. He is SO kind and gentle, and was really helpful and attentive during my treatment, adjusting things when needed. He also recommended his colleague Dr Russell for composite bonding to finish off my teeth and I'm delighted I did, I'm so happy, I have the smile I've wanted my whole life now. I've recommended Michael to my friends with small kids and they all love him too. 100% recommend this dental practice. Thank you Michael!!!

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    March 4, 2023

    Alternative treatments to Tooth Bonding

    Veneers are thin layers of ceramic (or porcelain) that are applied over the teeth to cover any defects present on their surface, whether related to an imperfect shape or size, but also spots of colour or even camouflage a slightly unbalanced position.

    There are also composite veneers modelled directly on the tooth. Unlike ceramic or porcelain dental veneers, which can last up to 10 years if treated to a high standard, composite veneers usually have a shorter lifespan but the advantage of being able to be repaired.

    The cost depends on the number of teeth involved, their production method, the quality of the resins used, the reason for the application.

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