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Dental Inlays and onlays

With the exception of a tooth that is need of root canal therapy, the majority of tooth restorations can be completed using a simple filling.


A tooth that has decay or damage too extensive for a simple filling, but not in need of a root canal or crown, may be restored with an inlay or onlay to recreate both the aesthetics and functionality.

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What are inlays and onlays?

Both the inlay and the onlay are pre-moulded filling solutions that are fitted over the damaged area of the tooth.


Traditional fillings are placed in one visit to the clinic. The inlay or onlay will need to be created in the lab so that you get the exact fit. Once in place, the tooth looks natural.


Using an inlay or onlay can help to preserve more of the original tooth structure, which is one of the goals of conservative dentistry.

If your tooth has sustained damage or is suffering from decay that is too extensive to be restored with a simple filling, you may be a candidate for this dental solution.

There will need to be ample healthy tooth remaining to complete a restoration. If there isn’t, then you may be a candidate for a full crown


Both the inlay and the onlay are quite similar in terms of functionality. However, the inlay will only cover the area between the cusps of the tooth. The onlay will cover one or more cusps of the tooth.  The cusps are the elevated sections of the teeth

Working with your dentist, you will be able to determine which of the available options is the best one to help you to meet your tooth restoration goals.

Your dentist is likely to recommend the inlay or onlay over a regular filling if your tooth is broken or fractured beyond what a filling can remedy or if the decay or damage is large enough that a dental filling will not sufficiently bolster the remaining tooth structure. Inlays and onlays will restore your smile while helping to prevent further decay.

At your appointment with your dentist, the health of the tooth will be assessed including the amount of healthy tooth remaining. An x-ray may be taken to assess the nerve health and gum support.

The procedure itself is quite similar to that of getting a filling and a crown. The key difference is that less of the natural tooth structure is removed than what would be when getting your tooth prepared for a crown. When being fitted for a crown, the dentist may remove a fair amount of the healthy tooth structure in order to get a good fit beneath the crown. When the inlay or onlay is used, the goal is to preserve as much of the natural structure of the tooth as is possible.

Once the procedure begins, the tooth and the gum surrounding the tooth will be numbed using a local anaesthetic. Once numb, the decay will be removed, and any damage or irregularities will be smoothed out.  An impression of the tooth will be made so that the inlay or onlay can be milled at the laboratory. A temporary filling will be used to protect the tooth.

The inlay or onlay will look wonderfully natural once it has been bonded in place as it is made using a tooth-coloured ceramic or composite. When you return to the clinic, it will be permanently bonded to your tooth.

Tooth restorations don’t require special care over the usual care that you’d give to your natural teeth. You should ensure that you are brushing, flossing and using a mouth rinse to help keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy.

Be sure to also stick with scheduling your routine checkups and professional cleanings.

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How much do inlays and onlay cost?

If you are looking to repair damaged or decayed teeth, you’ve come to the right place. At Cork City Dentist we strive to provide our patients with competitive pricing.

We offer a wide selection of dental treatments and services. To learn more about tooth restoration, schedule a consultation at our clinic.

Tooth whitening€300
Crowns (dependant on type)from €700
Porcelain veneers from €700
Dental Bridges€700 per unit
Inlays & Onlaysfrom €500
Dentures - Partial acrylic (plastic)€550 - €650
Dentures - Partial cobalt (metal base) €1400
Dentures - Full upper€550
Dentures - Full upper and lower€1200
Dental Implants - Crown €1200 (+specialist fee for surgical treatment)

Do you have a crack or chip on a tooth? Perhaps you have cavities that need addressing? Restore health and functionality to your teeth. Book your appointment with your dentist online or call the clinic to take care of teeth before they are damaged beyond repair.


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    Just finished my one year invisalign journey with Micheal and his team. After he spent a whole hour for free with me explaining invisalign and was really reasonably priced, I knew I would go with him. He is SO kind and gentle, and was really helpful and attentive during my treatment, adjusting things when needed. He also recommended his colleague Dr Russell for composite bonding to finish off my teeth and I'm delighted I did, I'm so happy, I have the smile I've wanted my whole life now. I've recommended Michael to my friends with small kids and they all love him too. 100% recommend this dental practice. Thank you Michael!!!

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