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Emergency Dental Treatment

A dental emergency can be one of the most high-stress situations a lot of people can imagine however it doesn’t need to be.

At our dental surgery, we have over twenty-two years of practice at resolving dental troubles in a timely and caring fashion. Dental emergencies really include anything that you as a person deemed to be an emergency for you.

This runs the range from a sharp edge on a tooth cutting your tongue to a worrying ulcer you’ve noticed and to my son has broken his front tooth while falling off his skateboard.

The latter for example will hopefully ever happen to a person once in their lives and is clearly a big deal. However, for us you will find we have seen it many times and know how to deal with the situation in a calm, caring manner.

So if you have a nagging pain or if your front tooth has fallen out the day of your job interview, if your denture is rubbing your gum or if your wisdom tooth is giving you hell give us a call at Maccurtain Street. We can help.

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